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25 Gandy Street Exeter EX4 3LS

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low cost counselling

Therapy@Gandy Street operates a low-cost counselling service with the aim of helping to make therapy available to all who need it.

Unlike many other affordable counselling services, our counselling is not provided by students or trainees. All our counsellors are fully qualified professional therapists who have agreed to devote some of their time to helping those who, for whatever reason, can’t afford full rates.

Sessions take place at one of our counselling rooms on Gandy Street, Exeter.

If you feel you qualify for low-cost counselling, or would like further details, please call Robin Collins on 07961 410023 or send an email to: email link

Places are limited, but we will let you know as soon as possible if we can offer you an initial appointment. The standard cost is £20 per session, although this can sometimes vary depending on individual circumstances.

You will be warmly welcomed at Therapy@Gandy Street, and find a safe and confidential place in which to explore your problems, alleviate stress and improve well-being.


"the treatment of physical, mental or social disorders or disease"

Therapy Room
Therapy Room